I Took A Break

Writing is not an easy thing to do. What’s harder is revealing opinion. I needed a break.

Why teaching?

In 2017, I started writing because teaching is important to me. It’s in my blood, literally. Principles, teachers, instructors, community leaders… They’re all in the family. The fact that I didn’t wind up becoming a teacher at first, was always weird to me. There are just so many opportunities in tech that I couldn’t resist. I don’t regret it at all.

Tech and Teaching

There are a million reason why I was happy to get into software and tech. One of the most important is that it gives me the chance to teach. Tech is, and will be for a while, this mysterious thing that not too many people get close too. It wont be forever though. One day, JavaScript will be just another high school course, like spanish or physics. I want to be a part of that change.

Why the break

Opinions. So many other opinions. And none of them mattered.

I had a million and one ideas. Most of them opinions. All of them were more important than anyone elses.

I realized that I needed to spend more time learning about others. What other people like. What they care about and are looking for. Where the knowledge gaps are. What gaps matter more. What gaps I can fill. And most importantly, what I can do to make the most impact.


I was getting down on myself for not writing for so long. I’m happy I stuck with my break though. Last year, at this time, I wrote a draft of an article about why Clojure. What’s more important to me now, is this. Why write?

Thanks for reading!

Written on March 10, 2019