Linux is not for Hackers

OK, yeah, hackers typically use Linux. That isn’t just who Linux is for though. Linux has changed a lot over the years and is now for everyone. But the reasons why hackers prefer Linux are reasons why everyone should use it.

Open Source Means Free

I bet you didn’t know this, but Windows 10 Home (as of 05-Feb-22017) is $120 from Microsoft. Windows 10 Premium is $200! Imagine how much of a nicer laptop you could get with an extra $200. For the Mac equivalent of any Windows laptop, you’ll pay as much as 3x the price. There is no reason to pay $1200 for a laptop to watch YouTube videos!

Linux, and everything you need for it, is free. Of course you can still buy software that runs on Linux, but there is almost always a free option. Especially for the casual user.


You don’t need anti-virus for Linux. I don’t even think anyone makes it. It’s just completely unneccessary. With Windows, even premium anti-virus software is questionable, let alone the free versions or none at all!


With corporate and government monitoring on the rise, privacy has become a bigger concern. Windows and Mac OS are both guilty of questionable practices here. Mobile based operating systems are even more questionable being based on cloud services entirely almost. Linux doesn’t broadcast your every move to a third-party cloud service. Being scrutinized by the my suscpicious developers around, it’s not easy to sneak a ‘backdoor’ in either.


No matter what you want to customize on your Linux system, you can do it. You can make it work and look however you want to. Linux, being open source, means that you can dive down to the deepest parts of the OS and change anything.

This isn’t to say Linux demands technical knowledge. If you want something that can just be used, right out of the box, Linux has that too! Systems can come looking like Windows, Mac, or anything inbetween.

Low Requirements

I use Linux on a 2 year old beast of a laptop. I also use Linux on a 20 year machine. The OS can be reduced to the same size of a high resolution picture. It’s small size and low requirments make the system incredibly fast too, even on those old machines.

Using it isn’t a Battle

My biggest gripe with mainstream systems is that the OS fights you. Windows restarting to update in the middle of working or worse, a game of DotA? Chaps my ass. I don’t even know how to install software on a Mac without brew. Updates don’t require restarting nor does that OS just randomly reboot. Linux just leaves you be.

Written on February 5, 2017